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Automatic Dough Sheeter

This sheeting line, made by WELLBAKE, is the “Rolline” for today and the future for
industrial bakeries.

The market has changed to flat type of bread and rolls, type ciabatta, tortilla, pita,
lavash, naan and other. This is also the line for chips, crackers, pizza and pie crust as
well as cinnamon buns, biscuits, Jamaican patties and more.

This line is making a completely stress-free dough sheet thanks to the three very
special dough processing units (patents pending).

This line will be the most versatile in your bakery, producing the most popular flat bread
and other items for today’s market at a very high and uniform output.

Automatic Dough Sheeter +


The commonly used sheeting lines stem from croissant- and puff pastry-type laminating lines. There are many manufacturers of this type of lines with steep competition. Subsequently, these manufacturers are trying to adapt their lines to other products, primarily flat bread items. The process is the same: extruder, pressure roller, satellite roller, cross sheeting, and a number of calibrating rollers, often repeated. This is good for croissant-type multilayer laminated dough, but it is overworking the dough for flat bread and patty-type items.

With this in mind, Wellbake has developed a specially designed machine for sheeted flat bread products. The roll line products today are, to a great extent, replaced by ciabatta, Middle Eastern breads, naan and pizza-type products – made on a SHEETING LINE!

Is this concept brand new, and can you trust it to be what you need for your market? The concept is not brand new, and you can trust it to make a revolution in your bakery. An old version existed up to 16 years ago in Scandinavia – selling over 130 lines in an area with a population of southern California! In Sweden there are bakeries with 9 lines. Polarbread, a bakery only producing flat bread, has 4 lines. The largest pizza crust bakery in Sweden has 3 lines. Speaking of pizza, the largest pizza bakeries in France have 13 lines between them, with the largest having 4 lines to produce 40,000 tonnes per year.


The unique SoftFeed™ extruder has two special design rollers feeding dough to the extruding rollers. Dough not accepted by extruding rollers are returned inside the hopper, so gently so we can feed all scrap dough from the make-up line right back to the hopper to be mixed with fresh dough for an excellent product.
The WaveSpreader™ is a fantastic way of gently spread the dough belt. No pressure roller, no satellite roller, no cross sheeting – in other words, no punishment!


A punished dough is like eating cardboard. It is hard for it recuperate after being so overworked. A sheeted dough from our machine will make a tender product to eat. If shortening flakes are used, you get layers when baked, but no crumbles. That is why this is a preferred concept for pizza crust, ciabatta and flat bread, but also for Danish and cinnamon buns. We have two lines in Toronto for chips and crackers, naan chips but also perfect for naan bread. A Jamaican patty has often a tough crust due to the hard dough. Not with our sheeter, tender and nice to eat.