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The Wellbake Drop Plus Cookie Machine is a heavy-duty machine that is designed to meet the baker’s production requirement of all types of drop cookies. In addition to the standard fixed wire cut moulds, the machine can be equipped with a rotary moulds and nozzles giving the baker the flexibility to produce a very wide range of products including rotary cookies. Available in 400mm and 600mm tray width, the Wellbake Plus cookie machine features a touch screen interface making it a very user-friendly machine that can store up to 200 different recipes in the automatic cycle.


  • Structure in aluminium and covering panels in stainless steel
  • 200 PLC stored programs by colour touch screen
  • Easy machine programming
  • Dosing rollers made in stainless steel, variable speed rotation (inverter)
  • Tray width 600 mm
  • Automatic bi-directional variable speed tray movement, electronically controlled (inverter)
  • Aluminium dosing head easily disassembled for quick change of the moulds (no keys necessary)
  • Variable speed (inverter) of dosing rollers and nozzles rotation
  • Wire-cutting device with variable speed drive (inverter)
  • Wire-cut bow made in aluminium/stainless steel at 6/9 exits
  • Fixed working table
  • Automatic start
  • Manual adjustment of conveyor height position
  • Anticipated dropping mode

WELLBAKE also offers high capacity close-loupe cookie systems with tunnel oven baking, cooling and stacking.


Available in Belt or Indexed pan conveyor system. 600mm or 800mm widths. Other configurations optional. Close-loupe system available.

The Wellbake Industrial Muffin Line has been designed to produce all sizes of muffin and cakes. Available with topping solutions and injection mechanisms for chocolate, jam, cream as well as fruit bites such as raspberry and blueberry, the Wellbake Muffin line can be custom-designed to meet your requirement in production capacities while maintaining the a high quality product.. The main technical features of the Wellbake Muffin Line include the following:

  • Cup denester: specific machine to distribute round shape or rectangular paper cups on the preformed trays.
  • Oil spray unit: special design oil mist spraying unit with excessive mist recovered for oil free environment.
  • Volumetric dosing machine (single color/ bicolor) with independent outputs.
  • Dispenser for topping : to sprinkle the product with different kind of dry ingredients such as salt, sugar, sesame, poppy, fennel seeds.
  • Streusel topping: moist streusel depositors dispenses high fat streusel targeted into muffin pans or larger pans such as cake or pies, using a unique dispensing system.
  • Vertical volumetric injection machine (single color / bicolor) custom designed.
  • Automatic depanner with needles or suckers.