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The Wellbake Turbo is an energy efficient two-stage flour cooling system that serves the purpose of cooling of the flour. With the introduction of modern technologies for breadmaking that include the use of several types of yeasts, it’s important that the baker has the flexibility to control the operating temperatures and humidity factor without causing any delay in the bakery operation. The Wellbake Turbo cooling system for solid ingredients is based on cooling and dehumidification of process air in the first stage and cooling of the flour by means of a heat exchanger that allows the exchange of heat between the flour and the liquid refrigerant in the second stage, which is referred to as the Continuous Cooling stage.
General Technical Specifications:

– Allows to have flour at a controlled and constant temperature 12 month a year.
– Low Initial Cost
– Energy Efficient, Low Operating Cost
– The cooling process using only Filtered Air, so everything remains in a natural environment
– Can be added to existing plant silos
– Cooling Capacity: 2,000 kg of flour per hour*
– Inlet Water Temperature: 34°C*
– Outlet Temperature: 22°C*
– Delta T: 12°C*
* The data indicated above are indicative and can vary depending on the type of flour, humidity and temperature of the external environment based on the location the bakery. It is for that reason that we custom-design each of our cooling systems based on specific data obtained from the client such as production capacities, conveying system, yearly temperature variations where the system will be installed.