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Wellbake Multi-Deck Steam Tube Ovens:
The Wellbake Multi-Deck Steam Tube Tunnel Oven allows the baker to meet his production needs without compromising on the artisan quality of the baking. Its unique sectional steam tube design optimizes the heat exchange process to obtain a perfect heat distribution inside each baking chamber. The ovens are also equipped with a powerful steaming system supplying a very fine and uniform steam for quality artisan baking.
Main Benefits

  • Baking Temperature: 210 ◦C to 280 ◦C; Ideal for bread loaves, rolls in trays and tin bread
  • High Heat Retention and Strong Bottom Heat, Ideal for Crusty Products
  • Low Fuel Consumption; achieved by maintaining Exhaust Temperature close to Baking Temperatures
  • Large Baking Area with a Small Footprint
    Design Features

  • Heating System: The heating of the baking chambers is performed by a ring-shaped steam pipe closed circuit. The tubes are made of special cold drawn steel and certified UNI 663
  • Fuel: The heating of the Furnace can be fuel-led by Gas, Oil, LPG or Solid Fuel Burners.
  • Conveyors: The oven can be equipped with wire-mesh baking conveyor, steel plate conveyor or refractory slabs conveyor
  • Steam Generator: The oven does not generate steam. The steam to be supplied to the product during baking must be supplied by an independent boiler.
  • Material of Construction: Hoods, Loading and unloading Facades in Stainless Steel AISI-304. Large Hoods complete with vapour extractor.
  • Control System: Fully computerized 10” front touch-screen main panel and 5.5” rear auxiliary touch panel. The electrical board features a modem for online connection for a quick and safe diagnosis
  • Oven Dimensions: Based on Model; Please refer to the table below for information such as Baking Surface, Overall Dimensions, Conveyor Width, etc.