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Wellbake Cyclotherm Tunnel Ovens:
The Wellbake Cyclotherm Tunnel Ovens feature a closed-circuit cycle (Cyclotherm), supplying heat by radiating tubes placed inside the baking chamber below and above the conveyor. The ovens are of modular design with sectional baking zones that can be controlled independently and combined to create the ideal baking temperature curve. The Wellbake Cyclotherm Tunnel Ovens are extremely flexible is an extremely flexible oven and can be used for a wide range of products such as hearth baked loaves, rolls on trays, breadsticks, tin breads, rusks, pastry, croissants, cupcakes, layer cakes, pies, pizza, etc. The ovens are simple in operation and control and provide a gradual and uniform baking for your application.

    Main Benefits

  • High Product Development; Gradual and uniform baking
  • Each Baking Zone can be controlled independently
  • Simple Operation and Control
  • Easy and Cost Effective maintenance
    Design Features and Specifications

  • Heating System: Heating is supplied by radiating tubes places inside the baking chamber, over and under the conveyor. The oven operates on the principle of hot gases, generated by a burner, circulating inside a closed circuit (Cyclotherm)
  • Conveyors: The oven can be equipped with wire-mesh baking conveyor, steel plate conveyor or stone slabs conveyor or OGB type conveyor
  • Material of Construction: Hoods, Loading and unloading Facades in Stainless Steel AISI-304. Large Hoods complete with vapour extractor.
  • Width: 800 mm to 4000 mm
  • Baking Zones Length: up to 12 m
  • Control System: Fully computerized 10” front touch-screen main panel and 5.5” rear auxiliary touch panel. The electrical board features a modem for online connection for a quick and safe diagnosis
  • Options: Turbulence Zones providing convection heat as well as Steaming Unit available as options