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special material of rollers which prevents sticking
robustness assures durability with minimal maintenance
quick, precise and simple setting of centering flaps, rollers, table and guides
wheels with brakes enable simple manouvering of the machine
simple cleaning
all mobile covers are equipped with electric safety switches

Motorized pressure board,
Knives in pressure board for dough cut,
sidegudes adjustable with handwheels.

Moulder OBLIK1
The dough moulder OBLIK 1 is a universal and robust machine, designed for longitudinal moulding of wheaten and mixed rye-wheaten doughs. It is manufactured in accordance with the valid CE standards.
All the machine parts which come into contact with dough are made of materials permitted for food industry. The roundly shaped dough pieces enter into the centering hopper. Dough is rolled up into the desired thickness between two pairs of rollers. Under the chain drag made of stainless steel the dough foil is rolled up into a loaf. The final shape of a loaf is made on its way between the conveyor belt and the moulding board.
The height of the moulding board can be precisely and accurately adjusted by the two handles. The side guides are adjustable.

Machine capacity
(depend on weight and quality of dough) up to 3000 pcs/h
Dough pieces weight from 50 to 2000 g
Working width to 650 mm
Length of moulding board 1100 mm
Power 1,1 kW
Connecting voltage 3N, 400V, 50 Hz
Weight 420 kg