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As their name suggests, The Wellbake Modular Silos are mainly characterized by their modular construction design and are designed to be suitable for an inside or outside installation setup. The Wellbake Modular Silos are very cost effective and provide efficient volume storage capacities, making them very popular among bakeries.
Technical information
Modular silos are not delivered in one piece but as a building kit. Depending on the design of the panels, they are suitable for a setup inside or outside. Because of their low cost and efficient volume usage, they are used very frequently by plastics processing companies. They are available in various sizes, in square or rectangular design and with or without internal reinforcement beams.
The panels in galvanized or stainless steel have a smooth surface for a smooth discharge of the raw material. The outlet cone is available in two variants. The 90° cone is used for easy flowing materials such as plastic granules, grain and wood pellets. The 60° cone is used for less flowing materials like regrind or mash.
Our technicians are experienced and provide a rapid buildup, including the installation of filling systems, sensors or a continuous level measurement system.
The job of a silo is to retain intact the various qualities of any particular raw material and thereby ensure that the future handling and processing can be carried out without any issues. Below are some of the main other process features:
The Wellbake Silo System latest product within dosing technology of small ingredients, the “Universal System” is an automatic small ingredient plant with a very high degree of precision and flexibility to suit each customer’s requirements based on their application. Different layout configurations available.
The Wellbake Weighing System features a rigid construction and is designed with the highest level of details and user friendliness to make ensure an easy cleaning and maintenance operation. It all begins with experience and proven technology, a clean and strong design and finally addition of the extraordinary craftsmanship involved in every part supplied by Wellbake.
Rigid construction, technical perfection and easy cleaning and maintenance are some of the most important keywords we will underline about our weighing equipment. It all begins with experience and proven technology, a clean and strong design and finally addition of the extraordinary craftsmanship involved in each and every part supplied by Wellbake Silo System. This is your guarantee of getting highly engineered equipment and solutions you can rely on.
Over the years, Wellbake have developed user-friendly process control solutions for a large number of different applications with focus on precise and automated weighing solutions for medium size as well as industrial bakeries.
General Technical Specifications:

– Body in Stainless Steel or Aluminum
– Stainless steel or aluminum ferrules
– Smooth mirror-finished inside surface
– Walkable roof
– Support structure with height-bearing skirt
– Outdoor installation with adequate existing support platform
– Vacuum pressure control safety valve
– Vibrating cone fastening flange in stainless steel
– Silo anchoring ferrule on silo support platform
– Stainless steel eyebolts for lifting
– Stainless steel door
– Stainless Steel loading tube
– Stainless Steel unloading tube complete with filter
– Stainless Steel inspection porthole
– Fittings and Supports
– Equipped with Maximum/Minimum level probes
– Silo Loading Safety Valve
– Explosion-proof door
– Silo Weighing System
– Silo Roof Access Stairs with Landing and Rail
– Insulation