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MAKE-UP (3.8m)


The Wellbake Canolino Make-Up table has been designed to produce a broad range of products such as puff pastry, yeast dough and Danish pastry. The Wellbake Canolino Make-Up table is mounted on wheels and its reduced dimensions make it very practical for medium sized bakeries. We have a wide very range of add-on accessories to ensure that the solution is customized to to the baker’s needs and requirements while maintaining a low cost.
The Wellbake Canolino is available in two different lengths (3800 mm and 5200 mm) and is characterised by the following:
• The line is equipped with a 4 row electrically operated spot, intermittent and continuous depositor which allows to deposit various products in spot, finger or continuous mode, in one, two, three or four rows as needed.
• Mechanical guillotining group with electronic adjustment of the cut and with electronic synchronization between slash and dosing. On the guillotine can be installed both a cutting blade and or a die (matrix) to be able to produce a great variety of cutted and printed products. Position of the guillotine can be changed on the work table in a simple way.
• PLC with programming Touch Screen with the possibility to memorize and recall programs and parameters of the line.
• All motors are controlled by electronic speed variators