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Konik 2
The Cylindrical Conical Rounder is ideal for rounding both soft and medium doughs. Rounding is achieved by a rotating cone, which rotates the dough along concave channels to produce roundly shaped dough.
The machine can be equipped with a hot/cold air blowing system or/and oiling system, to prevent dough sticking. The machine is equipped with an automatic flour duster, which is easy removed for cleaning. The channels are Teflon coated to prevent the dough from sticking. Cone have variable speed.
Channels and cone are Teflon coated to prevent dough sticking
Central adjustable channels
Rounding length up to 7m
Possible entrance at position 3,6 and 9
Frequency inverter for variable cone speed
Stainless steel plating
Construction of machine ensures durability of machine with minimal maintenance
Easy cleaning
Easily removable stainless steel flour duster
Possibility to have position of control panel on all four sides
Wheels with breaks
Options: Hot or cold air blowing, infeed and outfeed conveyor, oiling system
Machine capacity
(depend on weight and quality of dough) up to 5000 pcs/h
Spiral length up to 7000 mm
Weight of shaped dough pieces 40 – 2000 g
Installed power (with blowing) 1,5 kW (2,7 kW)
Weight 750 kg