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Needs in deep change Loaves, buns, soft dough (milk bread, brioches…) are products in deep changes. Their recipes are reconsidered to meet the new customer’s needs in terms of gustative and nutritional quality. These revolutions impose the change of the processes’ technology of these products.
VMI, the true continuous vacuum mastery VMI develops continuous mixers fully dedicated to bakery products for nearly 30 years. As a result of this know-how, the new CONTINUUM is the first continuous vacuum mixer exclusively designed to meet the specific issues of the loaves, buns and soft dough industry (milk bread, brioches…).

The gain of dough’s softness is significant, and those who could test these new productions referred to them as premium.


Continuous vacuum
Consistent softness
Several mixing trials have been carried out by VMI, with a comprehensive program to examine atmosphere regulation (vacuum / air pressure). The rheological properties of the dough are significantly improved. The precise control of this kneading parameter allows your soft products to have consistent quality.

Limited quantity of dough into the kneading chamber
Optimal transfer of energy to the dough
A limited kneading chamber increases the flow of energy brought by each dough unit (30 kWh / Kg vs 15 kWh / kg for batch mixers). It also allows a better thermal exchange with the dough.

Control of the energy and ingredients
Green label conception
This reduced kneading chamber also preserves a reasonable installed power. The control of new kneading parameters enables a more “clean label” production.

Two mixing areas
Compliance with kneading fundamentals
VMI is a pioneer in understanding the different roles of pre-mixing and kneading, and remains the sole actor to master these two phases in the technology of continuous:
dispersion and homogenisation of the ingredients during the tempering, construction of the gluten network during the kneading.

All kneading parameters on a single machine
Variation of recipes
The Continuum kneader has been designed for a perfect setting of every kneading parameter, according to the industrial needs of the bakery. Energy, vacuum, pressure, temperature control, rotating speeds: nothing is left to chance to achieve with precision the wished recipe.

CIP System
Less production downtimes
A integrated and self emptying CIP system ensures an exemplary hygiene. Which means less production downtimes and shorter change-over times.