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WELLBAKE SR Bowl lifters
The Wellbake SR bowl lifter has been built using the most advanced manufacturing technologies, combining experience, operating safety, and simplicity of use in a single machine.Lifter connections are compatible with all our removable mixer bowls (Gemma, Master Mix – ES, Master Plus). Upon request, can be adapted with connections for other manufacturer mixers.
The lifting column is made of thick steel structural work to support heavy loads of over 300 kg of dough. The structure is liquid painted on the outside. The machine body can be constructed entirely in stainless steel upon request.
For unloading over 2 metres, the lifting system is carried out by means of a 5-6 slide hydraulic piston which requires no lubrication or special maintenance. For unloading from 2 to 3 metres, the lifting system is chain type.
Dough unloading can be carried out on one or two sides with different heights varying from 1 to 3 metres. A stainless steel chute has been installed for aid in dough unloading.