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The Wellbake GEMMA is a removable bowl mixer that has been built using the most advanced manufacturing technologies, combining experience, operating safety, designer style and simplicity of use in a single machine. The GEMMA mixers are available in capacities ranging from 6 to 250 kg.

As electromechanical control panel is provided as standard, complete with two timers for work speed and double speed programming both for the bowl and for the spiral. In this way, working time is reduced while dough uniformity, oxygenation, and refinement is increased, keeping the temperature constant. The head raising and lowering and bowl trolley connect/release are automated by a hydraulic circuit, which ensures perfect head and trolley locking, preventing horizontal and vertical component oscillations.
Two-speed motor both for the tool and for the bowl. Bowl rotation by means of friction wheel with thrust spring for increased traction in any conditions of use. The dual relay transmissions both for the tool and for bowl rotation always ensure maximum traction and considerable performance in any conditions of use.
An available option includes the LCD 4.3 panel with program storage, dough temperature detection sensor and water dispenser built into the mixer.