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Wellbake Electric Deck Ovens:
Wellbake heavy duty Electric Deck Ovens offer the baker a high-level of heat and steam control to ensure that ideal conditions are met prior to the baking process. The ovens are of modular design and feature independent top and bottom control settings on each deck, giving the flexibility to the baker to increase or decrease production rate based on demand without compromising on the quality of the product. In addition, the Wellbake deck ovens are equipped with independent steamers to provide a high-volume of steam without affecting the temperature profile in the oven. The fast-recovery steam pods make our deck ovens ideal for artisan applications such as fluffy cake baking.
The Wellbake Deck Ovens are of a modular design and feature a reinforced stone deck and a full view glass door construction. For food service applications, the deck ovens are also available with stainless steel decks and door.

Construction Features

  • Oven Construction: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior with Casters and levelling feet
  • Oven Capacity: 2,3 or 4 Decks
  • Deck Construction: Reinforced Ceramic Stone
  • Deck Capacity: 2 to 4 pans
  • Door Construction: Full View Tampered Glass Door
  • Lighting: Automatic Halogen Deck Light Operation
  • Electrical Input: 208 V, 3 Phase (240 or 280 VAC optional)
  • Clearance: 1 inch on the Back and Sides, 6 inches at the Top
    Performance and Control Features

  • Temperature Range: 1000 to 555 ◦F
  • Steam Pods: Independent Pod for every deck
  • Steam Timer
  • Heat Circuits Control: Solid State Relay
  • Temperature Control: Individual Top and Bottom Solid State Controls
  • Heat Modulation Range: 10% to 100%
  • Solid State Timers: 0 to 99 minutes
  • Alert: Continuous Buzzer
  • Manual Damper Control
    Operation Features

  • Interface: Clear Digital Display for Bake Time, Current Temperature and Set-point Temperature.
  • Memory: Pre-set for up to 99 recipes
  • Pre-set Recipes: 3 One-Button recipe pre-sets
  • Working Units: Fahrenheit or Celsius
    Other Features and Options

  • Optional Stainless Steel Deck Construction for Food Service Applications.
  • Optional Stainless Steel Door Construction with Window for Food Service Applications
  • Modular Construction allows the ovens to be brought in through restricted areas