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The Wellbake double spiral mixers range offers the industrial bakers a higher kneading power which allows fast, high quality dough kneading. Thanks to a solid design, the double spiral range has been designed in order to develop high intensity mixing action and also to work with rich, stiff and low hydrated dough.

Driving Belts:
The belts offer a high level of power. The speed reductions
are done by belts (poly V or indexed) and not by gears which require cleaning, greasing and evacuation and which are also fragile

Bowl Locking by simple or double clamp system
• Hydraulic locking for the smallest models of the range.
• Double clamp locking for a very powerful grip of the bowl and better centring which then provides a more regular kneading.

• Suitable for the total cut of different types of baking products with vertical loading
• Band blade slicing movement

Robustness and power (up to 82.4 Kw) are the main characteristics for double spiral
mixers. They are designed to knead:
• from 160 kg to 555 kg dough per batch,
• dough with European flour and also American flour
• dough for baguettes or special breads (Portuguese,
south America)
• cold and rough dough (rolled and frozen).
The mixer can also be used with a whisk and paddle mixing tool for specialist applications.