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Wellbake Equipment – Company Profile:

Wellbake Equipment Inc is a privately-owned company that specialises in the supply of industrial bakery equipment and automated solutions. Founded in 1988 in California to serve bakeries in the west coast market, the company is now headquartered in Toronto with a strong presence all across North America offering complete solutions for commercial, retail and industrial bakeries.
At Wellbake, our mission is to provide the right solution to the baker by offering high quality machines and equipment in order to turn your bakery’s potential into performance, saving you money and maximizing payback. We take pride in taking care of our clients by providing exceptional customer support and service in order to meet and exceed their needs.
Wellbake offers a wide range of equipment and automated solutions for all bakery applications such as ingredient handling, depositing, topping and forming, mixing, oven baking, automatic proofing and retarding, pan handling, cooling and freezing as well as slicing and packaging. We also provide complete automated multi-purpose make-up line solutions for croissants and pastries, cookies, biscuit and cracker, pizza, baguette and flat bread.
We gladly invite you to visit our website to navigate through the wide range of equipment and models as well as products and services that we offer to meet the client’s requirements.
Please feel free to contact us should you have any enquiries, request of site visit, request of quotation or require any literature or technical information to make sure you purchase the right equipment that suit your bakery application.

Our Mission:

Wellbake Equipment, through our quality people, products and services, will strive to be recognized as the premier provider of bakery equipment and automations system across North America.
We will act in our customers’ best interests, surpassing their expectations and contributing to their long-term success.
We will continue to build on the strength of our relationships with our business partners.
We will provide an environment for our people in which mutual trust, company pride and open communications provide long-term opportunities for shared reward.