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Wellbake proudly serves North America


The right technology for continuous adaptation to the market.

The right technology to optimize processes and reduce labour.

The right technology to maximize consistency, output and quality of products.

Successful bakeries prepare for market challenges. WELLBAKE offers proper solutions to place your bakery among the very best in the trade.


WELLBAKE Equipment Inc. is a privately owned company that specializes in the supply of industrial bakery equipment and automated solutions. Founded 1988 in California to serve bakeries in the west coast market, the company is since 2001 headquartered in Toronto with a strong presence all across North America offering complete solutions for primarily industrial bakeries.

WELLBAKE offers individual machines, semi-automatic and automatic lines for most all applications. Our strengths are lines for all specialty bakeries and for products such as: Chips and cracker type products. Pita, Pizza, Tortilla, Lavash, Ciabatta, Naan and Middle East type of flat bread, Croissants, Puff pastry and Danish type of laminated products: Cannoli, Patties, Cookies, Biscuits, Donuts, Muffin and other specialties.


At Wellbake, our mission is to provide the right solution to the baker by offering high quality machines and equipment in order to turn your bakery’s potential into performance, saving you money and maximizing payback. We take pride in taking care of our clients by providing exceptional customer support and service in order to meet and exceed their needs.

Wellbake Equipment, through our quality people, products and services, will strive to be recognized as the premier provider of bakery equipment and automations system across North America.