PROOFING: Retarder

Automated Retarder
The Wellbake way of cooling cause a small weight reduction. The equipment is easily regulated by adjusting the cooling time regarding the product specific needs. The cooling solution allows equal air circulation to the product. The products are lined out evenly and no additional touching is needed which is why the automatic cooling solution ensures their perfect shape. The absence of this solution would most certainly reflect in the spoiling of the products' shape while they are still hot. Wellbake ensures your place intended for cooling will be used to its best. The cooling takes place in the cooling towers which are fitted under the ceiling; that helps you attain big cooling capacity at a very economical use of space.


  • An optimal efficiency of the available bakery area due to the chamber shape itself.
  • High-quality of the finished product provided by the controlled cooling process.
  • The possibility of the chamber dimensions’ adjustment to the available bakery area.
  • The possibility of choosing time and cooling intensity according to the individual buyer’s needs.
  • Transport elements or bread carriers and technological parameters are adjusted to different range of products.
  • The lining with insulation provide for adequate temperature conditions in the chamber, independently from the conditions in the bakery.
  • All parts of the machine which are in contact with bread are made of food-safe materials.
  • Completely automated operation system.