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Planetary Mixer

A great versatility associated with a very high level of performance make of VMI industrial planetary mixers particularly suitable equipment for operations of foaming, emulsion, creaming, gritting and whipping. All the know-how process of VMI is concentrated in these column or bridge mixerswhich allow, among other things, to work in vacuum or under pressure conditions, the dosing and the introduction of components, the under pressure emptying, the heating/cooling and the on-site cleaning.


Complete stainless steel equipment (304L/316L)
CIP cleaning system – 2 cleaning nozzles
Taper shaped satellite• Hidden lock cases
Carriage and guidance of the tank usinga slider on a single flush mounted beltAll these details help to minimize the retention areas.

Maximum compactness

Patented extra-thin gearbox
Height gain compared to a standard mixer
Integration of vacuum/pressurized feed
Vertical integration of ingredients

Accessibilityand maintenance

Minimal joint casing
Accessibility to wear parts is easy (seals, belt tension, lubrication points, etc..)


Thanks to its complete range of tools, the Ultimix can be used to produce a large variety of recipes.

The Aquamix mixer has been specially designed by VMI for the kneading of highly hydrated dough. Having a bowl with flat bottom, fitted with a half twist expanded spiral and a round pivot with scraper, the Aquamix kneads without sticking. The sustained mixing rhythm of the Aquamix mixes highly hydrated doughs with great success.

Frequency variator

For changing the dough kneading intensity according to the humidity percentage of the dough. The Aquamix fitted with a frequency variator offers greater working flexibility and allows you to personalise the mixing profiles of your recipes e.g. rustic breads and ciabattas.

Operator Panel

The tactile control panel with integrated automation allows up to 99 recipes to be memorised and your production planning. Fault information for maintenance is also available.