SWEET GOODS: Croissant - Industrial

Wellbake Croissant machine

The Training Machine Croissant is suitable for continuous training of croissants. Its function is to cut and roll up the croissants and arrange them on a file to the next tray up.

Operating Cycle:

Wellbake's croissant machine is suitable for the continuous production of croissants. Its function is to cut, orientate and curl up the croissants.

  • The dough strips will be separated by spreading belts.
  • Then cut by rollers with extractors which avoid the dough from stricking.
  • Next step is automatic orientation of the triangles.
  • Last Step is automatic curling and depositing to a belt or automatic panning.


Wellbake Croissant machine is made up of a stainless steel framework supporting a belt driven by a speed change drive unit with which the user selects the speed. The framework is supported by rubber wheels (so that vibrations are not transmitted to the floor and therefore to the operator), fitted with brakes so that the machine can be moved during cleaning.

  • Wellbake croissant line is equipped with a 4 row electrically operated spot, intermittent and continuous depositor which allows to deposit various products in spot, finger or continuous mode, in one, two, three or four rows as needed.