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VMI offer a large range of spiral AV or AVI mixers (from 80 to 900 kg dough), with several options in order to do small or large production of bread, Viennese pastries, pizzas. Robust and reliable, they guarantee consistent production thanks to the positively driven mixing bowl by means of a polyamide ertalon driving gear. The mixing bowl does not slip even when CO2 or ice is being added.

Driving Belts:

The belts offer a high level of power. The speed reductions are done by belts (poly V or indexed) and not by gears which require cleaning, greasing and evacuation and which are also fragile Bowl Locking by simple or double clamp system Hydraulic locking for the smallest models of the range. Double clamp locking for a very powerful grip of the bowl and better centring which then provides a more regular kneading.


  • Suitable for the total cut of different types of baking products with vertical loading
  • Band blade slicing movement


Lift with simple or double mast Bowl lifting and lowering with chains Bowl evacuation/ bowl rotation and scraper

It allows the safe introduction of minor ingredients (up to 3) and avoids the possibility of them being forgotten.

Heat Sensor

Cleaning plug

Hydraulic locking with lateral double clamps

Bowl with conical bottom

Control Panel Mechanical reduction with pulleys and belts Mixing tool quick release system


The VMI rotary carousel is an automated system comprising a loading station, 1 to 6 mixing stations mounted on feet, a bowl elevator and a dough conveyor. A dough resting sta-tion can be added for autolysis or control.The bowls pass from one station to the next by rotating around a motorised circle.• Capacity according to the model from 500 to 6000 kg of dough per hour.• Available with fork mixers, single or double spiral mixers.
Capacity according to the model from 500 to 6000 kg of dough per hour.
Available with fork mixers, single or double spiral mixers.


Our equipment enables you to easily achieve hourly production from 500 kg to 6 tonnes whether for pizzas, pastries, bread, baguettes, ciabatta or doughnut with the possibility of changing between different recipes. Autolysis, control, proofing, resting and incorporation of scrap dough – everything is possible.
Thanks to the perfect mastery of your production parameters, your mixing will remain consistent and conform to the strictest quality standards you expect from
your products.


Our machines have been designed to be robust as well as efficient, working in the most intensive production in all parts of the world. They are equipped with Ethernet connections that facilitate in particular:
Bottom-up communication to the server (for integrated traceability, statistical and operational production follow-up),
Top-down communication from the server (for recipe and production planning). The secondary PLC systems provide VMI equipment with the highest level of reliability.


In order to avoid all danger, our equipment is supplied with grilled safety fences and meets all CE directives concerning the safety of machinery. All operator intervention, whether into the machine itself or its programmes, is protected by access codes which are ordered according to the authority of the operator.

Dynamic”Grafcet” graphical display of each
element of the system and the inputs / outputs
at each stage of the process.

1.Mixing Station
2.Ingredients dosing station


Needs in deep change Loaves, buns, soft dough (milk bread, brioches…) are products in deep changes. Their recipes are reconsidered to meet the new customer’s needs in terms of gustative and nutritional quality. These revolutions impose the change of the processes’ technology of these products.
VMI, the true continuous vacuum mastery VMI develops continuous mixers fully dedicated to bakery products for nearly 30 years. As a result of this know-how, the new CONTINUUM is the first continuous vacuum mixer exclusively designed to meet the specific issues of the loaves, buns and soft dough industry (milk bread, brioches…).

The gain of dough’s softness is significant, and those who could test these new productions referred to them as premium.

Continuous vacuum

Consistent softness

Several mixing trials have been carried out by VMI, with a comprehensive program to examine atmosphere regulation (vacuum / air pressure). The rheological properties of the dough are significantly improved. The precise control of this kneading parameter allows your soft products to have consistent quality.

Limited quantity of dough into the kneading chamber

Optimal transfer of energy to the dough

A limited kneading chamber increases the flow of energy brought by each dough unit (30 kWh / Kg vs 15 kWh / kg for batch mixers). It also allows a better thermal exchange with the dough.

Control of the energy and ingredients

Green label conception

This reduced kneading chamber also preserves a reasonable installed power. The control of new kneading parameters enables a more “clean label” production.

Two mixing areas

Compliance with kneading fundamentals

All kneading parameters on a single machine

Variation of recipes

The Continuum kneader has been designed for a perfect setting of every kneading parameter, according to the industrial needs of the bakery. Energy, vacuum, pressure, temperature control, rotating speeds: nothing is left to chance to achieve with precision the wished recipe.

CIP System

Less production downtimes

A integrated and self emptying CIP system ensures an exemplary hygiene. Which means less production downtimes and shorter change-over times.