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Thanks to all those who always use our machines, together with the Company’s research and the willingness to invest in a divider No stress without compromise, we have reached the best result on the market in terms of quality/price without precedent, as well as for use the dough with 80% of water (depending on the process) and the precision in the forms. Today NO STRESS means UNIVERSAL because it meets every need of artisan quality.
Construction Characteristic
The mechanical and electronic components used are the best brands available on the market, to guarantee reliability, quiet operation and availability.
The structural steel mounted on castor wheels for easy movement.
The belts made of wool or synthetic material to FDA standards. The surfaces in contact with dough can be easily cleaned and disinfected, the corners are connected aggregates in order to allow thorough cleaning.
All units comply with the Machinery Directive 98/37/EEC, EMC Directive 89/336/EEC (as amended) and the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC (as amended)


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Our “Multi Purpose Line” allow you to produce continuously and automatically.
wide range of products such as; ciabatta and baguette type of products, pizza crusts, and focaccia. Flat sheeted bread such as lavash, naan, barbari, pita and many other not mentioned.
We offer regular extruders as well as our STRESS-FREE Nobby extruder for this line. This means it is possible to treat the dough very gently weather it is a hard dough or soft high moisture content while preserving the structure of the gluten, maintaining a stable dough structure and fermentation.
Thanks to the gentle processing the quality of the end product, fresh or frozen, is vastly superior to other methods.
Since this is a modular line it is easily composed to meet the best process of your product as well as meeting the width of other equipment for compatibility.
The “Multi Purpose Line” is characterized by the ease and rapidity to switch from the production of one product to another. The “Multi Purpose Line” can be adapted to different capacities and working widths in order to meet the specific requirements of each customer.