Electric/Gas Rack Ovens
rack ovens

Top-quality rack ovens for the bakery market

Wellbake rack ovens have the high performance, quality and reliability that can meet the challenges of modern food service and enhance the art of old world craftsmanship.

Baking, roasting and re-thermalizing are done fastest in a rack oven.

All rack oven models utilize a built-in steam generator for superior “jump”, and programmable bake chamber venting to produce shiny crusts without drying out the crumb. For roasting application the steam system used with the multi step programming can help keep proteins, vegetable and starches moist.


Our Platinum Plus Computer Controls offer you the flexibility of operating in a simple manual mode or customizing up to 60 pre-programmable recipe items each with five events for time, temperature, steam, venting pulse or delayed blower.

Use the pulse and delayed blower to customize your recipes for baking the most delicate products like muffins, cheese cake and angel food cake without burning or blowing off the tops.


All gas fired models utilize our patented “Vertiflow®” heat exchanger design that not only provides optimum efficiencies but eliminates the need for problem causing induced draft blower and air switches.


All electrically powered models utilize a bank of cal-rod type heater elements to provide fast recovery and optimum baking and roasting efficiency. The LRO electric rack ovens are available in 208, 240 or 480 volt AC three-phase.

*Rack Not Included

Standard Features
  • Provides high quality and high volume baking and roasting
  • Available in single or double rack models
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Heavy-duty lift and rotate system
  • Gear drive rotation system, no belts or chains
  • Standard computer control, 5-step programming, up to 60 programs for time, temperature, steam, vent and blower functions
  • Platinum Plus 60 recipe controls
  • Vertiflow Heat Exchanger (Gas Models)
  • High volume steam generator
  • Power Vent
  • Type I or Type II Compliant Hood
  • Accommodates single or double rack with “B” type lifts
  • “B” Style Over-Head Rack Lift System
  • One-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Available in Gas or Electric
Construction Features
  • Heavy duty rotation system
  • Standard 6-pan rack
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Full-view glass door
  • Digital manual controller with 99 menu storage
  • Built-in steamer
  • Electric vent control
  • Tapered floor for ease of cleaning
  • Gas and Electric models
  • Full 1-year parts and labor warranty
Performance Features
  • Fast acting heater elements
  • 0.75 GPH water delivery system
  • 10/20 second normal steam time
  • Safety limited torque drive rotation system
  • Low noise air circulation system
  • Brightly lit interior
  • Fast acting programmable vent
Controls Features
  • Large LED display for time, temperature and steam
  • Simple manual setting for temperature, time, steam
  • Manual one-touch venting control
  • Manual blower one-touch delay or pulse blower
  • Storage for up-to 99 programmed recipes
  • 6-button quick access recipe menu
Options & Accessories
  • Oven stand with 12 pan racks
  • Proofer base
  • 8-Pan oven rack
  • Multi-step computer controls