Wellbake Bakery Machines


We, the Svenningsons, are a “baking” family. We had bakeries in Sweden for 15 years before coming to North America. Another 3 years in Florida before going into the Bakery Equipment business.

When we say we have a continental presence, we truly have. Barry Svenningson was Manufacturer’s Representative for a major American company with a 13 states southeast territory. Customers are too many to list, but one was Disney World in Orlando where we supplied mixers, combination bread/roll system, proof room and rack ovens at the time.

Later we formed Wellbake Equipment in California and supplied customers, from English Bay Batter in Vancouver to LBA in Seattle, Cottage Bakery in Lodi, Caravan Bakery in San Francisco, Little Brothers Bakery in Los Angeles….. the list is long.

Since 2001 Wellbake is headquartered in the Toronto area, (Barrie). In the East, we have installations in Boston, New York, St Louis, Rochester… and of course numerous in Canada. Mr Pita in Toronto has three large sheeting lines from us, Prime Pastries is more than a million dollars customer and La Petite Bretonne, a company that awarded us with a multimillion order a few years back is now doubling their bakery and awarded us the same size order for their new expansion.

We have now been in business for over 20 years as a reliable supplier representing high quality reliable suppliers.

We hope to be a supplier of yours, if we are not already.