Our mission at WELLBAKE Equipment Inc. is to meet and exceed the needs of our clients with utmost quality of bakery machines, products, service and support.


WELLBAKE Equipment Inc. operated during 6 years as a west coast company, registered 1988 in Santa Rosa, California USA. Today we are located in Toronto with a North America continental presence serving commercial and industrial bakeries.


WELLBAKE customers are mainly found among wholesale bakeries, and foremost among specialized bakeries. We offer bakery machines, quality equipment and make-up lines for croissants and pastries, depositing, topping and forming, cookie, biscuit and cracker, baguette and flat bread lines.


By going through our website, you will find individual machines and automated systems to complement our make-up lines, such as; ingredient handling, mixing, automatic proofing, baking and pan handling, cooling and freezing.


For personal literature, information, quotation and/or a personal visit, please email us from our contact page on this site or feel free to call or fax us at the numbers below.